Richmondville NY Speeding Ticket Attorney

Richmondville was the site of the "Battle of Cobleskill" during the Revolutionary War of the late 18th century (according to Wikipeida) and they have a webpage on the Schoharie County website with town announcements and links to other information. For information regarding New York traffic tickets in Richmondville, we invite you to call our office or request a free consultation with attorney Randall Kehoe using the "Get Started Now" form. Mr. Kehoe has been practicing traffic law since 1990 and continues to offer fair and affordable fees for his services, charging flat fees for speeding tickets, other violations as well as misdemeanors and DWI in Schoharie County. For most people, getting a ticket for speeding or about anything else is very stressful as they do not know what to expect, how to contest it, where to contest, what will happen if they plead guilty/not guilty, what consequences will it have on their license points, driving priviliges, insurance prices, etc. That is part of why hiring an experienced attorney to hand the matter for you can be so helpful. Mr. Kehoe deals with Vehicle & Traffic law on a regular basis and is familiar with the local policies, courts, prosecutors and procedures. He understands what may happen in your particular case and can help take the burden off your shoulders. If you have questions about a DWI or other alcohol or other drug related charge, please contact our office. Remember that DWI is a serious charge and should be dealt with carefully.

If you are a law firm or attorney seeking of counsel in Richmondville Town Court or any other local justice court in Schoharie County NY, please feel free to contact our office.